Metaphorosis magazine

Submission Guidelines

Metaphorosis magazine is currently Open to Submissions.
Story submission Currently Open to Submissions
Story critique - Metaphorosis staff only. Currently Open to Submissions

Beautifully written speculative fiction.

We publish original science fiction and fantasy every Friday.

What we want

We want beautiful writing showing engaging characters in science fiction or fantasy settings.


Science fiction and fantasy only.

Fiction only. No poetry.


We pay a flat rate of $.01/word. We accept submissions up to a firm 10,000 word ceiling.

We prefer stories in the 1,000-6,000 word length. We have only ever bought one story <1,000 words.


Reprints No (except for translations never published in English)
Multiple No (one story at a time)
Simultaneous      Yes (you can submit the same story elsewhere)
Rewrites Only if specifically solicited (you'll know)

Open period

We are always open for submissions.


We welcome stories from all authors, and especially those from traditionally under-represented groups. We read entirely blind, preferring not to know anything about submitters until we’ve formed an opinion about the story.

We will not accept stories that depict animal cruelty that is not essential to the story. We give bonus points for vegan-friendly stories. Stories that feature extensive hunting, fishing, etc. are not for us.

Also, don't do these things.

Submission method

Electronic submission only, via our Moksha portal, at (you're here now!)


We ask for a modified version of the modern Shunn format - essentially the Shunn format with no personally identifying information (no address, e-mail, phone, etc. on any page, including in the header). We provide an optional template here if you want to use that. We ask for submissions in RTF, DOC, or DOCX format.



We pay on acceptance, via PayPal. If you cannot use PayPal, we can work something out.


We buy the following rights:

  • worldwide electronic – to post the story on our website – exclusive for 6 months from the date of purchase, non-exclusive for the life of the magazine.
  • non-exclusive print and electronic:
    • to include the story in monthly, quarterly, and annual anthologies covering the period when the story is originally published in our magazine.
    • to include the story in special limited edition issues sent to financial backers.
    • to include the story in a best-of anthology published within the calendar year after the story is originally published in our magazine.
  • non-exclusive audio rights

Contract: a sample contract is here.